Monday, October 19, 2009

demam RUBIC!

rubic cube adalah sebuah kotak ajaib!
klo tak tahu ini saya beritahi.
ko bntuknya begitu kan anda tidak bersemngat. maka saya beri kunci untuk mnyelesaikan rubik ini. hhe

A little fact about rubic:

1. if you made a single turn of one of the cube's faces every second, it would take you 1400 million years to go trough all the possible configuration. (by the way of comparison, the universe itself is only 14 thousands million years old.
2. the most expensive rubic's cube was the masterpiece cube, produced by diamond cutters international in1995. this actual size. fully-functional cube features 225 carats of amethyst, 34 carats of rubies, and 34 carats of emeralds, al set in 18 carats gold, and was valued approx. 1,5 million dollar US.
3. The largest rubic cube was built by Daniel Urlings of Luxemburg. it could contain 64 normal sized rubic cube.
4. more than 200 million rubic's cube have been sold worldwide. if all the cubes were placed on the top of each other they would reach the top of Mt. Everest, twice!

so have fun!